Brand Story


Our main goal was a real dichotomy. Stuck between the humble nature of Nebraska and the greatness of it. Essentially, how do we brag about the humblest of people?


First, we hit the road.

In the form of 12 public meetings and a handful of face-to-face interviews, we chatted with more than 200 business leaders from towns sprinkled throughout the state.

Next, the millennials.

Oh, the millennials. Everyone is standing on a chair screaming about them. But we took time to get inside the minds of the future. We held an open forum, invited Nebraska millennials and sent out a survey that generated more than 1,000 responses.

Our final challenge

was reaching out-of-staters who still call Nebraska home. Those who claim Nebraska as “the best place to be from” but no longer live here. We reached out to them personally—emails, phone calls, Skype meetings.


So, after all the digging, what did we find?

  1. Quality of life. Quality of life. Quality of life.

    Undoubtedly, the recurring theme from Nebraska natives—the quality of life provided here. After stumbling through stories about shorter commutes, welcoming communities, work-life balance and charming nightlife, most people ended their spiel by smiling, leaning back and saying, “Ya know, the good life.”

  2. Perception is not reality.

    We were told that people who haven’t experienced Nebraska first-hand don’t think of the state as a place to grow. (Which is ironic because we thought we were stereotyped for growing things.)

  3. The proof is in the people.

    Time and time again, we heard this; Nebraska’s greatest asset isn’t a 60-story building, a beach or one main attraction. It’s our people. And no one wants to change that.


Good Life. Great Opportunity.

Until now, no one has been bold enough to say, “Hey, it’s unquestionably awesome here. And it’s okay to say so.” Well, permission granted.

Here’s how it breaks down.

The Good Life
is our promise.

It’s not something we usually talk about. It’s just how we live. How we interact with others. How we conduct business. How we admire simple moments. The Good Life is about a state of mind as much as it’s about a state. It won’t change what you do in life. Just how you do it.

The Great Opportunity
is up to you.

Where there is Good Life, there is opportunity. Waiting for the next person to reach a little further. Think a little broader. And work a little harder. You’ll be able to make an impact here. It’s up to you what it will be.

Good Life. Great Opportunity.

is the primary brand, so that’s what you’ll see and hear most often. But the “Great” part of the tagline also provides a customizable element for state entities (Department of Labor, Department of Education, State Historical Society, etc.) wanting to make it their own.

Good Life. Great People. Good Life. Great Minds. Good Life. Great History. Good Life. Great Culture.

These are just a few of the attributes that make Nebraska exceptional and the types of customization you may see.

So what do you think? What is your great?

Be a part of the Nebraska brand.

You don’t have to be a state agency to join in the fun. Businesses, organizations, chamber groups, etc. can show their Nebraska pride by using the logo to the right. Place it on your website. Make a window cling for your front door. Create a table tent for the front desk. Remember, a strong Nebraska is good for business.